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Established 1999

Fiberglass Hot Tubs - Spa's - Exercise Pools
Do-It-Yourself Repair & Resurfacing

Swim Mor Indoor Exercise Pool

Do it yourself DIY and save thousands of dollars!

Does your fiberglass hot tub, or spa need help?

Is it starting to show its age?

We can help you repair and restore your older hot tub, exercise pool, and spa. Our Fibre-Shelkote gel coat is formulated specifically for swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise pools, and spas. We will help you do it yourself DIY with our high quality materials and toll free telephone support at 800-676-8528.

Fibre-Shelkote gel coat is often referred to as "fiberglass paint", but it is a special finish made only for application onto fiberglass and resin. It is the only "paint" that will laminate to fiberglass and last a long time. We only sell the same high quality vinyl ester resins and swimming pool gel coat used by the original manufacturer.

The entire process is easy and inexpensive, plus you can do it yourself, so you'll know it's done right. When you're finished, it will be as good as brand new. After the old gel coat is removed, the entire process can be completed by one person in one day!

The total cost to resurface any fiberglass Hot tub up to 8' x 8' x 4' deep is less than $600.00 for all material necessary to complete the work. A smaller size like 5' x 5' is less than $400.00. We do not accept the return of any chemical products

Wood hot tubs require more effort, but you can stop leaks and make your hot tub look better than when it was brand new.


Hi Bill,

Just wanted to report back. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the new gel coat to my old fiberglass spa. I had it sandblasted as you suggested.

If you are working alone, don't try to paint on more than one gallon at a time. I tried two and about half got hard before I had time to get it down.

Anyway, thanks for your website and a new pool! Your product worked just as you advertised. You shipped it from Pennsylvania to California in less than a week! I would have sent you pics as your e-mail suggested, but alas, I had already sandblasted before I knew that you wanted them. You might want to put the offer in your website instead of the e-mail on how to apply the product. I'll send you a pic when I finish and have the stonework and waterfall completed, anyway.

Jerry Wheeler,
Palm Desert, CA

More hot tub photos with testimonials are on our sister site, which is dedicated to fiberglass pools, hot tubs, spas, sliding boards, and baptismal.

Always wear goggles and a mask when sanding. Wear gloves and a mask when using solvent, gel coat, and putty. Be sure to choose a mask appropriate for the task. gel coat must be stored away from direct sunlight and the gel coat and pool surface temperature must be between 60° and 95° when used. Surface temperatures below 60° or exceeding 95° require special assistance. Please call our corporate headquarter for instructions.

Guaranteed shelf life is 6 months provided products are stored at temperatures above 32°. However, our Fibre-Shelkote product line will remain stable up to 18 months when stored properly.

Toll Free: 800-676-8528

Call 7 days a week Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM EST
Saturday & Sunday Noon - 5PM


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