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Established 1999

Does your fiberglass pool need new paint?

Fiberglass swimming pools are the finest pools in the world, but after 15 to 20 years they always need new gel coat.

Swimming Pool Gel Coat
(just like the original manufacturer used)

fiberglass pool paint used by original manufacturer

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We have kept quiet long enough. Thanks to all of you who have emailed and tweeted us about K.B.

Fiberglass swimming pools should never be painted with two part epoxy! Not even "SuperEpoxy" (last year exactly the same product, manufactured by exactly the same company in Florida, and sold by exactly the same high-binder in Elkins Park, was called a "coating" and was named "UltraGuard". This year, exactly the same paint has now, by magic, become "SuperEpoxy".

This is a quote: "There is no epoxy in the world that will last 2 years underwater." It looks good when it's applied, making it easy to get testimonials, provided you do it really fast. But the location and phone number of the so-called customers, are impossible to locate. The names and faces are constantly changed, probably because these people become extremely upset and force him to remove their photos after a year or so, as soon as they realize they were hood-winked.

Stay tuned for oh so much more...

Now, it's fast and easy to repair, refinish, and resurface your fiberglass swimming pool. Fibre-Shelkote™ formulated products are the answer you have been searching for!

Long lasting restoration requires the same high-quality gel coat that was used when the pool was manufactured. Fibre-Shelkote swimming pool gel coat is exactly the same formulation.

Do-It-Yourself & Know It's Done Right

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Fiberglass resurfacing products for gunite, plaster, and concrete swimming pools plus gel coat paint and vinyl ester resin for fiberglass swimming pools now available in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British West Indies, and the Caribbean!




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