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Established 1999

About UGlassIt

Friday, October 31, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT Fibre-Shelkote the longtime trademark for Bill Nash has reached a significant milestone.

Fibre-Shelkote has been our trademark since 2001. It is now our newest corporate partner
Fibre-Shelkote Products LLC

Personal Statement by our CEO

In 1998, after seven years in the swimming pool restoration industry, I learned that the company which employed me was about to be sold. The price was out of my reach at the time, so I began developing a business concept that I had recognized several years earlier.

As the former Sales Manager for a fiberglass resurfacing company for seven years, I realized that anyone can fiberglass a pool if they're willing to follow directions. There is no magic, no special skills, and absolutely no special equipment required.

The best installers our company had were hard working people with absolutely no prior experience in fiberglass resurfacing or, for that matter, the swimming pool industry. These applicators only had classroom training before they began their first fiberglass resurfacing installation. Although they were slow in the beginning, the installations were successful.

I began writing the installation book at the end of 1998, and by the end of 1999, with the writing completed, I was ready to begin this new venture.

With my own money, and an additional $10,000. invested by my friend and accountant, Bill Nash was founded. Our first web site was published in November, 1999.

In January, 2000 a small office was rented in Mt. Laurel, NJ with myself as the only employee.

Tremendous Growth

During 2002, with a staff of two super employees, we relocated to larger headquarters in Collingswood, NJ. Two new folks were added to our staff right away.

By now, my 60 pages of instructions had been given an official name: ©Pool Resurfacing Made Easy, and even our trademark Fibre-ShelkoteTM had become reasonably well established.

At that time, our entire business was internet based, and we want to particularly thank Yahoo and The Open Directory Project ODP.org for their continuous support. We also must thank an outstanding industry chemist, Jon Demino, for his over zealous assistance and constant inspiration. Both Jon and I have the misfortune of constantly trying to attain perfection in the workplace, so we made a good pair.

But success is only possible with the correct materials including Fibre-Shelkote II Vinyl Ester Resin, formulated by the manufacturer for the resurfacing of swimming pools using the hand lay-up method. This outstanding resin combined with properly formulated Fibre-Shelkote swimming pool gel coat is the foundation of our success.

Cheap versions of these materials will not last more than a few years. They may appear the same when delivered, and look the same after installation, but the finish coat will chalk, crack, peel, and deteriorate within two to three years.

Complete how-to instructions about the repair and resurfacing of fiberglass swimming pools are available at SwimmingPoolResurfacing.com and Fiberglass-Pool-Resurfacing.com.

You can do-it-yourself, or hire a local handyman to do it for you. You could even sub-contract the work and still save thousands of dollars. 

The ®UGlassIt Do-It-Yourself pool resurfacing system is ideal for residential swimming pools constructed of concrete, gunite, block, or fiberglass. In addition to pools, the UGlassIt system has been used on hundreds of baptismals, and more than a thousand fiberglass hot tubs.

Best of all, you only have to do it once, and then you can begin enjoying your pool for the next fifteen to twenty years. By enjoyment, I mean the surface of your swimming pool will be totally maintenance free, so you can relax and enjoy the many benefits of owning a swimming pool.

Because our business is do-it-yourself, we are available 7 days a week to answer questions and help in any way possible. Many of our customers are "weekend warriors", so our hours on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are noon-5pm EST. No one will be available on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Thank you for visiting our swimming pool restoration website and we look forward to helping you solve your pool, spa, baptistery, vinyl liner pool steps, and hot tub problems for the foreseeable future.

My name is Bill Nash and I'm the CEO of UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing, Inc. and the author of the worlds' first 'do-it-yourself' swimming pool restoration book, ©Pool Resurfacing Made Easy.


UGlassIt swimming pool resurfacing company founder.       
Bill Nash, CEO

®UGlassIt registered mark
607 Louis Drive Suite I
Warminster, PA 18974





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